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Garage Band Spring 23

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Good morning,

I wanted to bring all GarageBand families up to date regarding my recent absences. For the past 3 months I have been coordinating with the Artfinix team on some important transitions that I would be making in the last few months. I have recently moved further out from the city with my family. This has been a hard choice for me.The distance has made it difficult for me to travel to and from the school. With that being said, I will be moving to a remote position and teaching virtual lessons and working more on administrative tasks for the time being. I have enjoyed every minute working with all of your children. They are all truly something special. I know some may be saddened by this news but this transition is necessary to help Artfinix focus on meeting goals and possibly opening up in other areas. By no means will I be stranger. I will check in from time to time on the progress of your children. Of course all are well to reach out at anytime with questions or concerns. Jonas will be taking over GarageBand. Most of the student have gotten to know him well and I believe he will do a phenomenal job at that. Thank you so much for your kindness and continuous support. I wouldn’t be the person I am now without the love and kindness you all have showed me.

Thank You

Danita Frazier

Naydja Bruton
Artfinix Studios
Nelida Renteria
Nelida Renteria

Thank you Ms. Danita for the incredible job you’ve done with our kiddos! We are saddened to hear the news but are excited for your new journey. You will be terribly missed!



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