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Garage Band Spring 23

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Good evening,

Yesterdays rehearsal was a success. We have 3 rehearsals left so it is important that everyone is there and on time. We have now begun to run the music in show day order. All students need to be practicing all of their music several times throughout the week. I would like all students who are assigned to “As It Was“ to give that song some extra attention.

For my vocalist if necessary I will allow you to have the lyrics with you on stage but, it is your responsibility to print them out and bring it. Also you all should be practicing singing the songs with backing tracks only.

Next week for those of you who are assigned to the song “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath be prepared to run it without the recording. You all have done an amazing job taking the initiative to learn all the parts in a short amount. Thank you for your commitment.

Have a great night….

Tammy M. Leal


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