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Garage Band Spring 23

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July 2nd is closer than realized. Thanks for reaching out and letting us know who’s able to make it and not. Because several key musicians are unable to make the gig. I want to share the planned songs and see if we have people who can cover necessary parts. Depending on the coverage, we may or may not be able to perform. The Planned Songs: Smells Like Teen Spirit


As It Was

Rolling In The Deep

Uptown Funk Rebel Girl

It’s A Long Way to the Top Each songs needs a guitar 1 and 2, Bass, Drums, Keys, Vocals Do we have the coverage? let me know immediately and I’ll plan accordingly.

Jul 01, 2023

Ricky can be there. He can sing his usual: Smells like Teen Spirit, Paranoid and he knows the lyrics to " it's a long way to the top" if needed. He can take his guitar as well.



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