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Garage Band Spring 23

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Rehearsal Recap....

Let the countdown begin 2 rehearsals left until showtime. All students should be working and cleaning up the details for all of their show music. Its important that all students come prepared with all of their material. I would advise all parents to do a sweep through of all material for string and percussion players to make sure they have everything needed for the big day. All vocalist please practice your music with a backing track so you will flow better when singing your songs.

Update: We ran "Paranoid"- Black Sabbath without the recording on Thursday. It sounds great. Keep practicing it at home and cleaning it up some more but I'm so proud how well it is turning out in a short amount of time. Also "As it Was" sounds stronger so keep it up.

String Players

  1. Tuners: check battery life

  2. Capos

  3. Guitar Picks

  4. Straps/Strap locks

  5. Lyrics/Notebooks

Percussion Players

  1. Drum Sticks: Always have a spare set with you if one becomes damaged

  2. Notebooks if needed


  1. Notebooks are crucial so please don't forget them if you need it.


  1. Please have all of your lyrics printed and ready to go if you need them.


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