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Happy Thursday! Here’s a brief update on what’s happening for Fall Season. Showcases for Summer were moved back to the month of September, due to conflicts of school starting back up and last minute vacations. The current plans are for the first week of September! We’re hammering out logistics with a few parents before we release the official dates. Fall Season Showcases will be different. We’re tightening our student engagement and enrichment. We’ve learned from the challenges our advanced students have experienced. We want to provide them with a showcase they’ve earned skill wise. The showcases are split based on skill level. How are we accessing skill level? Each season students are given a jury test. The Jury helps us to determine if the musicians have met the required bench marks to determine if they’re in a category of Advanced, Intermediate or Beginner. Students that pass Jury Level #1 are eligible for showcase levels Intermediate/ Beginner- (Cusp of intermediate) Students that pass Jury Level #2 are eligible to apply for the advance showcase. (But not limited to only advance) Schedules are not taken under consideration. These are solely based on Jury test level! Intermediate- Meets on Mondays Beginner (Cusp Intermediate) Meets on Tuesdays Advanced- Meets on Wednesdays



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