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Greetings Musicians and Parents,

Friendly reminder, Colds, COVID, Flu and RSV numbers are rising. Many of our clients live with multiple family members and some are elders. Some clients have pre existing conditions that any of these illnesses can put their immune system in compromising situations. We take our sick policy serious! Illness are inevitable but we can be preventative in the spreading of sickness. If there’s any doubt virtual the lesson out, we are adaptable enough to do the lesson virtually. (As long as we’re made aware before 2:00 P.M. We still have to prepare, and don’t want to scramble because of last minute changes) It is in the Artfinix clause: Any student entering the building exhibiting signs of sickness such as extreme cough, runny nose, congestion etc will be sent home immediately and void of a makeup lesson.

Our Covid policy aligns with the CDC: Should a person test positive with Moderate COVID they should isolate at least 10 days. Those with Severe COVID may remain infections beyond 10 days and may need to extend for up to 20 days. Always speak to your medical professionals for clarity.

We’re in performance month and we want to do our best to prevent anything from interpreting the upcoming recitals and showcases. We appreciate your being conscious of the well being of the Artfinix community! Best Artfinix Management


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