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This teachers institute week is filled with practical knowledge and execution of getting positive results.

Monday: Not only did our students have a cast party, but the musicians had a blast writing their own songs and learning how to play Lincoln Park.

Tuesday: Parents were in awe, watching the leadership work with the educators on meeting the students where they are and developing them on their level. We’ve broken the misconception that learning music has to be technical. By doing this the students have a relatable connection to learning music.

They learned how to count basic rhythms.

Reading and Understanding Lead Sheets.

Learned how to play a few different songs quickly

Today: Taking the fear out of reading music notation and Rhythm. (5-7 P.M.) Parents, we encourage you to stay and watch these sessions. Perspective changes when you see how we at Artfinix approach music education. Reminder: These hands-on workshops are taking place of individual lessons. What's being taught in these workshops are necessary tools to give a boost in learning and performing repertoire. All material taught will be in upcoming juries for the season. We've waited to give reviews so you'll compare and contrast growth from the previous jury.

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