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This teachers institute week is filled with practical knowledge and execution of getting positive results.

Monday: Not only did our students have a cast party, but the musicians had a blast writing their own songs and learning how to play Lincoln Park.

Tuesday: Parents were in awe, watching the leadership work with the educators on meeting the students where they are and developing them on their level. We’ve broken the misconception that learning music has to be technical. By doing this the students have a relatable connection to learning music.

They learned how to count basic rhythms.

Reading and Understanding Lead Sheets.

Learned how to play a few different songs quickly

Cynthia Juarez
Tammy M. Leal

Greetings Families and Musicians,

Congratulations on such a wonderful weekend of performances. So many of you have stepped up to the plate and shown your families you’re a force in the music scene.

Brief reminder: This week is teacher institute week: Lessons are not as normal! All students are strongly encouraged to participate on these hands on workshops ALL week. (5-7 p.m.) we’re addressing myths and misconceptions of learning how to read music, How to read charts, soloing, applying the theoretical to music. Taking musicianship to the next level.

Today is Cast Party day: Bring your favorite snacks and foods and come ready to celebrate. Bring your instruments, it’s common for the kids to get together and Jam out!

Many have asked: Here’s the link to sign up for the new season showcases:

January Newsletter Link:

So many great performances today! Thank you all for coming out and being of support for the kids.

The Jam lab has filmed the entire event! Please check it out and share video footage you have.

Starting on the 22nd is teachers institute week. All students are encouraged to come participate in the hands on workshops and open house events. We will be addressing, music reading, lead sheets, improve performing and many more great things. Everyday of the week 5-7 pm all lessons will be intertwined in these sessions.

Rosa Mina
Tammy M. Leal

Greetings Musicians, Families and Guests,

Due to the uncertainty of the weather the venue has decided to take precautions. The January 13th recitals will be postponed to a different date. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please inform all guests invited to the recital.

Best Artfinix Management Team


Greetings Musicians and Parents,

Friendly reminder, Colds, COVID, Flu and RSV numbers are rising. Many of our clients live with multiple family members and some are elders. Some clients have pre existing conditions that any of these illnesses can put their immune system in compromising situations. We take our sick policy serious! Illness are inevitable but we can be preventative in the spreading of sickness. If there’s any doubt virtual the lesson out, we are adaptable enough to do the lesson virtually. (As long as we’re made aware before 2:00 P.M. We still have to prepare, and don’t want to scramble because of last minute changes) It is in the Artfinix clause: Any student entering the building exhibiting signs of sickness such as extreme cough, runny nose, congestion etc will be sent home immediately and void of a makeup lesson.

Our Covid policy aligns with the CDC: Should a…


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