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Garage Band Spring 23

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Good evening,

Today was officially our last rehearsal in preparation for the big day this Saturday. We ended on a good note. Students have permission to practice for the remainder of the day but tomorrow I want them to rest and ease their minds for the big day. They are allowed to listen to the music but no playing. There is such a thing as over practicing. The night before please have all students pack their belongings so nothing is forgotten.

Call Time: 10:45am

Doors open at 11:00am to the public.

Thursday June 1st will be the starting point of the new GarageBand season. I’ve spoken with all of the new incoming students instructors. You all should be starting your new material for the season. Get ready because your time to shine is next. A cast list will be provided in the coming days so students and parents will see what material they should be working on. Have a great night everyone.

D Leal


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