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Greetings Parents and Musicians, Each season we are learning and finding better ways of providing quality services and experiences. Leaving school, finding time to eat dinner then rush to a rehearsal can be taxing. Often we experience students saying they’re hungry, and we know when any person is hungry a fun time is not to be had. Artfinix has partnered with Rudy’s Grill, Jimmy Johns and Pot Belly’s to now provide students with meal plans. Each month we will rotate between these businesses and will have food delivered to the school. Students will have time at the beginning of rehearsals to eat and be fueled for rehearsals. Each month the cost is $60 per child. This covers the cost of food, beverage, delivery and taxes. Each week their food request is placed, prepared and delivered to the school. If you’d like to opt into this plan please let us know and we will have a roster where orders will be placed. For those that opt out of this direction no worries, we encourage sending your musicians with bagged lunches.

Thank you

Artfinix Management Team

Jonathan Mina


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