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Good afternoon Parents,

Performance week is here! We want to share important reminders for this week.

Please be on time to your rehearsals it's the last rehearsal before dress rehearsals.

Thursday January 26th is the dress rehearsal for Garage Band! Please come on time and ready to rehearse. Normal time 5-7 P.M

Friday January 27th are dress rehearsals! Yes attendance is mandatory.

Dress rehearsal times and order for Houseband

Luck be a lady tonight: 5-6 pm

Pink Floyd:6-7 pm

Fleetwood Mac: 7-8 pm

Performance day Saturday January 28th

Garage Band call time: 10:45 am

Luck be a lady call time: 11:30 pm

Pink Floyd call time:12:30 pm

Fleetwood Mac call time1:30pm

Parents that are able to help move gear from the space and to Reggie's call time: 10:00 am

You can purchase tickets via 773-405-8017 via text or purchase tickets at the venue (Reggie's).


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