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Fall Registration is Open!

Updated: Aug 29 Click here to Register

Blues, Disco, Pop, R&B, Funk- (BDPRBF) This Fall we're doing a new thing and we're excited to showcase the results throughout the season. These showcases are all about showmanship, improvisation, ear training and jamming like never before.

Never performed improv? This is the season to learn. We're taking hits from multiple Genres/Decades of music and our musicians will performance so well, that your jaw will be on the floor.

This season all musicians have 4 scheduled performances on the roster. Each one will be better than the last. We want you to see the progressional growth and the power of Artfinix Music Education.

Showcase Performance Schedule

Halloween Showcase: Saturday October 28th

Thanksgiving Showcase: Saturday November 18th

Christmas Dinner Showcase: December 16th

Finale Showcase Performance: Saturday January 20th @ The Jam Lab: 9234 47th St, Brookfield, IL 60513

Click Link above to Register.

Listening Samples:

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