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Summer Showcase Sign Up!

Updated: May 19, 2023

This Summer we're kicking up the heat!

AC/DC- Highway to Hell! Rehearsing Wednesdays 5-7 P.M.

This show is a Guitarist dream, there's something for all levels. Learn the art of stage

presence and letting the playing doing all the talking for you. Beginner - Advanced level.

Keyboard - This show is a great beginner level for keys. Minor solos and riffs. Bass- Beginner - intermediate level - Steady tempo and backbone to the band.

Drums- Great show for beginner level- If you're not use to simplistic drums fills while keeping time. This is the show for you!

Vocals: All levels open, this is not for the faint of heart. Singers who've got something to say and the energy to get the audience up and roaring. This is the show for you!

The Clash- London Calling Rehearsing Mondays 5-7 P.M.

Guitarist: Intermediate- Advanced. Great show for lead riffs and solos. Keyboards: Beginner friendly- Great for students learning how to play parts independent from the full band.

Bass: Intermediate. this is great for students that can develop in moving bass lines but shining with the guitarist. Drums: Beginner - Intermediate. This is a great show for drummers that need to get in the groove of locking in the pocket while giving just enough presence that's not over the top!

Vocals: All levels. Great front person skills and straight forward melodic lines.

Bach Transfusions: Rehearsing Tuesdays 5-7 P.M. (Part of the Conservatory Program)

You better watch you Bach! Bach was the Rock star of his era. Intermediate - Advanced (Music reading showcase) Guitarist: Intermediate - Advanced. Many solo and lead lines. Plan for Guitarmonies. Slow and fast moving passages. Every written note has purpose.

Keyboards: Intermediate to Advanced level- What you'll play will sound impressive to your audience. Once you get the hang of reading and patterns, you'll looks back and appreciate the skills you'll develop. Drums: Bet you didn't think there was anything for you? Well, the beauty of the Transfusions is we're not only doing traditional classical but we're taking it to a whole different level of rearranging classical into Rock, Metal and Rock Opera and Jazz form. Intermediate - Advanced levels.

Bass: Intermediate- Advanced. This is a great opportunity if you've wanted leads like the guitarist. Plenty opportunities to be the backing of the band and many opportunities to be the soloist of the works. Be sure to discuss the shows with your educators and parents before applying!

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