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Team Strategy: Educators, Parents and Students working Together.

Good Morning Parents, One of our values is providing our students with experiences that will stick with them for a lifetime. Learning any instrument is a process. I (Brandon Taylor Sides) Has taken the time to write a curriculum book that has been released to our educators. This book is designed for students that pickup an instrument from day 1 all the way up to the professional level. I’m consistently training and strategizing methods of educating our musicians. Another value is providing quality education. (I’ve spent too much on these degrees in education not to work each dollar out in making quality) Not all of our students will want to become professional musicians. However, we want them to have the tools, should they need to use them down the line.

To maximize on this musical investment it takes commitment from the Educator, Student and Parents! When all three are in-sync, you’ll be amazed at what comes about! The Educator is responsible for following the curriculum book and presenting information in a timely and digestible manner. The information is reinforced by applying it to their instrument and learning music repertoire. (No lesson should be all lectures. There should be a balance of theory and performance) It’s the responsibility of the educator to write in the notebook of the student. You should see what was practiced in the lesson and what’s to be practiced throughout the week. Each week the lessons should be recapped from the previous week and then another layer of material added.

The Student is responsible for looking in their book and practicing everything listed. (We know practicing for hours is not fun) but taking the time to run through the material once everyday is better than cramming 4 hours in one sitting. Do not just practice your favorite things (songs) and leave the technique behind. Good technique helps you play the songs. The student is responsible for TRYING!! Do not give up because it’s a challenge for the moment. You’ll have to develop grit in anything you want to do in life. Prepare questions for challenge spots. (Write them in your notebook) Parents, You know your kids better than we do! We’ve set a bar of expectation and we’re very transparent about it. Please do not come in upset or surprised about anything if we don’t hear from you or see you, Statistically in our school, parents that are consistently in communication with the educator and in solidarity on holding accountability to their musicians have thrived best. It’s easy for a student to slip through the cracks while the strong students get noticed. I (Brandon) will not accept students slipping through the cracks.

Parents, I solicit your help with this. If you know your kid is not the type (Yet) to practice voluntarily. At a minimum take the time to have them perform their list of tasks for you. (It's great bonding) Ask them to teach you how to do for fun!

You may not know how to do it, but you’ll know what sounds good or not so good. Initial next to each itemized thing. Additional free resources! On our website they can play along with the videos. iI they can play along with it and match pitch bonus.

If you’re not sure or you sense you’re not getting all the facts, please don’t hesitate to message me on the site.

Email ( or call (773)405-8017 I can get answers quickly. Thank you for your time and trust in us. Brandon Taylor Sides

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